The purpose of architectural programming is to identify the scope of a design problem.  We conduct all the research, collect all data, and guide the decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed.  Our emphasis is on gathering and analyzing data early in the process so that the design is based upon sound decisions.  Involvement of all interested parties is crucial at this stage.

Schematic Design 
During this stage, we solve the design problem identified through the programming process.
We begin by documenting and analyzing the existing conditions of the site.  We research and apply all applicable codes, incorporate all programming data, hold design meetings with the client, and develop schematic floor plans, elevations, and sections of the building.

Design Development
All building systems are interdependent and need to be identified early in the process.  Together with the client and our consulting engineers, we determine the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, conveying, ceiling, and other systems in the project and coordinate among disciplines.  

Construction/Permit Documents
Final working drawings and technical specifications are developed based on the approved schematic design and design development package.  These documents are used for permitting and building the project.  These become the contract documents.

We assist with the basic permitting process and respond to the building department comments.  We can also prepare drawings for submittal to other agencies. 
Bidding and Negotiations
Bidding & Negotiation involves organizing a bidding process, making a contractor selection, and negotiating a construction contract. Whether a client has a contractor in mind or prefers the competitive bidding process, we are available to assist in navigating the process.

Contract Administration 
We are available during construction to answer questions, and review shop drawings, submittals, and change orders.

We also visit the site to observe that the construction is progressing in general compliance with the intent of the design and construction documents.  We are also available to coordinate the project close-out and warranties with your selected construction manager.

Planning Services
From large master planned communities to individual building site plans, our services provide valuable insight into what can be done with a property:  buildable areas, parking requirements, setbacks, densities, drainage, landscape, and pro forma assistance.  
Interior Design Services
We design interior environments tailored to the specific needs of the client and in harmony with the exterior architecture of the building. Our service for Interior Design is not an afterthought or an isolated endeavor; it is an integrated design that unfolds simultaneously during the process of the “whole building design”. Exterior and interior environments become one seamless experience which evokes a sense of belonging, peace, and harmony for the user.

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